Ebook: ‘Beyond Marketing: The hard and soft skills of today’s CMO’



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Product Description

‘Beyond Marketing: The hard and soft skills of today’s CMO’ is a 22-page examination of the skills and mindsets required of CMOs in today’s business environment.

By Marketing contributor Dr Michael Valos, this ebook is a compendium of articles serialised in Marketing as The Valos Advantage.

The overall premise is this: marketers need more than just technical skills to be successful. Most junior and middle-ranked marketers never progress to CMO because they lack an appreciation for the non-marketing, or interpersonal, skills required by leaders. Instead, they think success is solely a function of strategic insight. These non-marketing skills include emotional intelligence, communication, employee engagement, conflict management, as well as training and recruitment.

The six chapters of Beyond Marketing explore six key skills central to a modern CMO: strategic insight, digital strategy, marketing innovation, commercial/ financial acumen, customer insight and marketing metrics, and lastly, brand management.


  • Preface by the author
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Strategic Intent and Making Strategy Happen
  • Chapter 2: Digital Skills and Mindset for the CMO
  • Chapter 3: Marketing Innovation
  • Chapter 4: Customer Insights and Marketing Accountability
  • Chapter 5: Brand Management for the CMO
  • Chapter 6: Commercial Acumen


About the author

Dr Michael Valos is a senior lecturer at Deakin University and chair of the Marketing industry advisory board.