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2010 the Twitter money year, says Stone

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2010 the Twitter money year, says Stone


Next year Twitter will start making money, according to founder Biz Stone.

Stone indicated to a group of Israeli journalists that the microblogging site would start bringing in the cash through ‘non-traditional’ advertising and he will unveil the company’s plan early next year on how it will do it. He stressed the company mantra was that it was in no hurry to come up with a business plan.

“There are no dates when we need to break even. We have plenty of money in the bank,” said Stone.

Stone also went through a number of Twitter-related updates, including funding from investors, future acquisitions (“Something we are definitely interested in”), keeping its platform open to developers and the possibility of the company appearing on the stock market.

He also mentioned that the platform could possible expand from its current offerings of English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Already in partnership with professional networking website LinkedIn, Twitter revealed in October that it had made deals with Microsoft and Google to allow access for its real-time content, meaning that plans to add an advertising component to its business plan would see the companys value skyrocket.

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