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AOL turns to online content factory strategy

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AOL turns to online content factory strategy


AOL has released plans to turn the web into an online content ‘factory’.

Tim Armstrong, former Google ad executive and now AOL’s chief, wants the company to create automated content for users to flood the internet.

Armstrong is reportedly planning to combine cheap freelance writers, AOLs algorithms and marketing partnerships to initiate his strategy.

The company has been consistently losing users and revenue, but has been given a new lease on life after being let go by Time Warner.

Armstrong indicates AOL will pay freelancers based on how much its technology predicts marketers will pay to advertise next to their articles or videos – which will range from nothing up front (with a promise to share ad revenues the article generates) to more than $100 per item.

According to Wired magazine, AOL’s challenge lies in its non-editor-driven algorithm system creating high-enough quality content to advertisers who pay a premium to have their ads paired with professional online content.

“The internet is already filled with unresearched and uninformative ‘articles’ intended to draw readers through online searches, but the payoff in that game is thin for everyone except Google,” said Wired reporter Ryan Singel.

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