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Blogs for Breakfast: 6/5

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Blogs for Breakfast: 6/5


Another bowl of cereal offenders to kick your brain into gear:

A guide to mobile advertising in Australia

So you think you’re ready to run a mobile advertising campaign? Well before you do anything, make sure you read Emily Freeman‘s excellent article over at Digital Ministry. Seriously, this is a must read if you have any interest in mobile.

Enough said.

Read the post A guide to mobile advertising in Australia now.

Nando’s a marketing headcase!

Our very own Julian Cole says what a lot of us have all been thinking, namely why doesn’t Nando’s stop spending on marketing and start spending on products and services:

“Does anyone else feel confused with the constant stream of advertising rubbish that comes out from Nando’s? They are clearly a marketing headcase who believe they can change their brand image through readjusting their promotion.”

Read the post Nando’s a marketing headcase! now.

Is your consumer using social media?

This from Beth Snyder Bulik at Advertising Age. If I have to hear another tale of woe about a company claiming to be interested in social media and then throwing exactly $0 and no time at developing the channel, I’ll start a Facebook group to express my outrage 🙂

“Raise your hand if you believe social media is an important way to build a brand. Now raise your other hand if youre still not sure how to do that properly. Most people probably have two hands in the air right now. Put them down; your cubemates think youre crazy.”

Read Is your consumer using social media? now.


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