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Disney/Pixar buys first Twitter trending topic

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Disney/Pixar buys first Twitter trending topic


Twitter has launched the second stage of its advertising revenue testing, with Disney/Pixar as its first client, reports Techcrunch.

The first stage of the advertising strategy was ‘Promoted Tweets’, while the second stage of the strategy, which Disney/Pixar will be trialling, is ‘Promoted Trending Topics’, with the topic being Toy Story 3.

Along with buying the ‘Promoted Trending Topic’, Disney/Pixar will receive a promoted Tweet at the top of the stream. Twitter confirms that if the promoted Tweet does not resonte with the audience, it will have to be done away with.

As we have always said, we plan to test different advertising and promotional models in these early stages of our monetisation efforts for both user and brand value. As part of this effort, we are testing trends clearly marked as promoted for an undefined period of time,” a Twitter representative commented.

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