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iPad set to break product launch buzz record

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iPad set to break product launch buzz record


While the iPad has been received with a mixture of joy, trepidation and scepticism by fanbois throughout Australia, Nielsen has released numbers off the back of Apple’s new product launch.

According to Nielsen, iPad generated a potential record for amount of online discussion, reaching peaks of around 40,000 comments in the space of less than an hour on Twitter.

A large percentage of iPad comments were also flowing through Facebook, setting the stage for the iPad to break the all-time record for new product launch buzz.

Online discussion in Australia around iPad started off small in early January before peaking with the launch, with Apple’s website being one of the major vehicles of message spread – a significant percentage of social media commentary is linking directly to the content on the website.

Google search results are rapidly shifting around this product, embracing more reviews and CGM/social media sources.

Deanie Sultana, director of marketing and communications at Nielsen, indicated to Marketingmag.com.au that iPad buzz is significantly surpassing any levels of online discussion around Toyota, demonstrating that social media channels are not just an avenue for frustrated customers to vent but also a forum for positive comments.

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