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Love Digital – how social media can help rig an election … almost

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Love Digital – how social media can help rig an election … almost




To demonstrate the power of social and digital media, Adelaide agency Fnuky enrolled its MD David Campbell as a candidate in the hotly contested Adelaide City Council election.

While over half of the residents in the electorate were under 25, virtually none of them voted in local government elections. Fnuky’s challenge was to connect with and engage an apathetic Gen Y, and motivate them to vote.


Research showed that the vast majority of Gen Y’s throw direct mail straight in the bin, but spend and gather most of their information online. The strategy was to use media that did not feel like advertising, and build a relationship with this audience.


The creative idea was to play up the passions, positive and negative, that were prominent amongst this demographic. We created an open dialogue using social media, blogging, and a viral video to engage the Gen Y audience.


The campaign took off virally with The Story of Ye Olde Adelaide Town attracting more hits in 10 days than Kevin Rudd’s comedy campaign video. The blog attracted interaction from Adelaide.

ex-pats around the world and the campaign achieved five times the media coverage than any other candidate. In fact, the campaign was so successful that David almost got himself elected, with as few as 39 additional primary votes delivering him a seat on council!

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