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Moments with marketers: Jye Smith

Social & Digital

Moments with marketers: Jye Smith


Marketingmag.com.au chats to Jye Smith – social media strategist with Switched On Media. If you would like to see a certain
marketer profiled, please email your suggestion to Sean Greaney on [email protected].

What do you do?

Spend all day on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Try to work out how brands can actually mean something to people.

What was your first job?

Serving fish and chips with Dad at Smiths Seafoods. Cut my teeth in web design at about 14. Then got a grown up job as the national events manager for AIMIA at 19 to enter the industry. 

What did you study?

Marketing, Guitars, and, this year, Crossfit.

Describe a typical day?

5.30am – Twitter
6.00am – Crossfit
7.00am – Email
8.00am – Triple long black
9.00am – Ping pong, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, FFFFOUND, Flickr, MySpace, coffee,
3.00pm – Social media strategies, training, monitoring, analysis, coffee
6.00pm – Music blogging, D&D, guitar,
9.30pm – Sleep

Im sure I must eat somewhere in there too.

What is on the agenda for 2009?

Making Switched On Media all it can be in the social media space and learning as much about creative and digital strategy as quickly as it changes. 

What brand do you love the most? Hate the most? Why?

Hate Apple – I seem to love giving them money though. Love Single Origin cafe: they understand exactly what it takes to make a community of people fall in love with your business and more importantly, your people. 

What do you believe has been the most significant moment in the history of marketing?

When bands discovered MySpace.

Where can people find you?


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