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MTV enters the mainstream

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MTV enters the mainstream


MTV networks Australia has secured a position on Foxtel’s basic service for the first time in its history. Flagship channel MTV will move on to the ‘Get Started’ package starting November 1, and will increase MTV’s exposure by 36%, getting their service into 400 000 more homes.

“It’s great news for advertisers that are looking to target Australian youth, 16-29 year olds,” head of communications for MTV Networks Polly Stevens tells Marketing mag. “We are delighted there will be more people seeing our programming.

Stevens says increased investment in marketing the channel will be a “big priority”, and says there will also be a continued focus on Australian-made programming.

“We have a number of local initiatives. The launch of MTV Classic with Slash was a big production for us, we have our flagship winter event ‘Snow Jam’, and in a couple weeks we’ll have an announcement of a new local commission.”

MTV will also launch three new channels, MTV Hits, MTVN and MTVN HD to go on optional subscriber plans, taking MTV Networks’ stable to five channels in Australia.

MTV Hits will take on the music space dominated by Channel V, as a 24/7 music channel targeting 13-24 year olds, and will focus on interactive technologies.

“What we’re doing with MTV Hits is very much aligning with that group’s use of social media, it will have this interactive aspect,” Stevens says.

Channel V have recently ramped up its interactive content with a ‘Socialize’ tab on its website where users can read artist blogs, interact with Facebook and vote on songs cued to be played on the television channel in real time.

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