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Facebook’s Instagram launches videos to take on Twitter’s Vine

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Facebook’s Instagram launches videos to take on Twitter’s Vine


Update: Rumour true.

Instagram with video has launched, and the new feature allows up to 15 seconds of video to be recorded in a press-and-hold mechanic very similar to Vine, but with a more sophisticated editing function (ie. you can delete recorded segments one by one) and a post-capture stabilisation function. And there are filters, of course.

Instagram’s announcement said it wants to do to video what it did for photography (its words). That is, turn the masses’ horribly-focused, framed and exposed shots into something resembling art (our words).

See this example from @charitywater: instagram.com/p/aye_2mGhNa

Here’s Instagram’s intro video:



Initial rumour article from Tuesday 18 June 2013: The web a buzz after technology site techcrunch.com claimed that the popular photo sharing/editing network Instagram will be getting a Vine-style video feed by June 20.

Details are few and far between but the site is reporting a source’ has told TechCrunch  that Facebook, which owns Instagram, will be unveiling a video sharing feature at an event on June 20.

Former deputy social media editor at Reuters, Matthew Keys, has also written about the possibility of the site getting video capability, describing it as not unlike Twitter’s video sharing app Vine. Vine enables users to upload and share, directly on Twitter, videos up to six seconds in length.



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