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Top 10 ways to use Twitter

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Top 10 ways to use Twitter


Twitter have released results of the top 10 ways in which people use Twitter. The research is based on the top Twitter applications which unique users have logged onto in the past 30 days.

Twitter.com is still used by 78% of Twitter users, followed by mobile application, m.twitter.com with 14% of users. 8% of users used SMS, while 8% used Twitter for iPhone and 7% used Twitter for Blackberry.

According to the Twitter blog, total mobile users have increased 62% since mid-April and 16% of new Twitter users start on mobile, compared to just 5% previously.

“As this data shows, while smart phone clients are important, there are even more people who use the mobile Twitter web site and/or SMS. Weve been seeing strong growth in both of these areas.”

There is also a surge in third-party clients using Twitter on applications such as TweetDeck.

“It’s great to see this kind of variety and growth in the ecosystem as it moves beyond basic Twitter clients. These new services help people get the most out of Twitter, contributing to user growth and new business opportunities—both of which are critical to the long-term viability of the ecosystem,” explained the statement on the Twitter blog.

  1. Top 10 results are as follows
  2. 1. 78% Twitter.com
  3. 2. 14% m.twitter.com
  4. 3. 8% SMS
  5. 4. 8% Twitter for iPhone
  6. 5. 8% Twitter for BlackBerry
  7. 6. 4% TwitPic
  8. 7. 3% TweetDeck
  9. 8. 3% Echofon
  10. 9. 2% Google Friend Connect
  11. 10. 2% UberTwitter

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