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Twitter users most brand influential

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Twitter users most brand influential


Consumers who are active on Twitter are three times more likely to influence a brand’s online reputation, according to a study by email marketing firm, ExactTarget.

Consumers Twitter activities influencing brands involves syndicated tweets (retweets) about the brand and posting blog articles and product reviews online. From the 1,500 consumers surveyed, the top reason emerging for consumers following a brand online is to get updates on future products (38%). 32% followed a brand to stay informed about company activities, while 31% wanted to receive information on discounts and promotions.

When investigating daily Twitter user’s activities against general internet users, Twitter users were nearly three times more likely to comment on photos or videos daily, twice more likely to upload photos, post on forms and blog daily than general internet users.

Morgan Stewart, principal of ExactTargets research and education group said, What happens on Twitter doesnt stay on Twitter… the number of active Twitter users is less than Facebook or email… [but] the concentration of highly engaged and influential content creators is unrivaled – its [the] gathering place for content creators whose influence spills over into every… corner of the internet.”

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