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UK Facebook users get cash for ads

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UK Facebook users get cash for ads


UK Facebook users who add a pizza-ordering tool to their profile are being offered cash to harness their contact lists.

By adding the Domino’s Pizza advert to their profile or blog, users will earn a cash reward every time one of their contacts clicks on it to place an order.

To start earning cash, users have first sign up to a secure dashboard which tracks sales generated through their web page – how much they earn will depend on how much their friends spend, as each sale will generate a revenue of 0.5% of the order value.

The Dominos’ deal has prompted suggestions that the social media giant has finally found a viable advertising revenue model.

“Brands benefit by aligning with sites run by fans who are more likely to drive a sale, while site owners can generate revenues from their Facebook page or blog,” said Dan Clays of digital agency BLM Quantum, which launched the tool.

Clays also indicated that it was an extension of affiliate marketing, in which a third party is rewarded for advertising on behalf of a firm.

“If you’ve got a massively popular blog or social network page, there’s no limit to how much you could earn.”

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