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Watch out Google, Facebook gets some new digs

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Watch out Google, Facebook gets some new digs


The F word just got groovier with an office aiming to mirror the objectives and perspectives of Facebook itself.

In renovating the ex-cube farm, designers and architects O+A mirrored the company’s flat structure with an open-plan design. Facebook staff are seated in groups, with their execs seated in central areas; open-floor, not open-door.

Facebook designer, Everett Katigbak teased cubicle-dwellers everywhere:

“We believe good ideas can come from everywhere. Unlike most companies, we dont have offices or cubicles. Instead, people and teams are seated close together so they can collaborate easily. All of the executives are seated in central areas where they are accessible to all employees.”

Inevitably compared with Google, Facebook has adopted a more minimalist décore. It is also to encourage employees to personalise the space.

Katigbak explained:

“Just as people make the space on the website their own, weve opted to do the same with our physical space. Weve left a lot of the walls white and the spaces unfinished to encourage employees to add the finishing touches.”

Having moved to Stamford Research Park, a former stomping ground of Silicon Valley heavyweights Lockheed Martin and Hewlett Packard, Facebook has retained previous historical elements (including turning an industrial crane into a swivel table).

You can view the full Facebook album of before and after photos here: www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=113180&id=20531316728&ref=mf.

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