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54% of Australian taxi market now using ridesharing services

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54% of Australian taxi market now using ridesharing services


54% of Australians that use taxi services now use Uber and ridesharing services.

The latest Nielsen Australia ‘Consumer and Media View’ survey reveals that of the 3.8 million Australians that use taxi services, 54% now use ride sharing services.

The survey revealed that 28% of Australians using taxi services now prefer the services – such as Uber, Go Get, Go Catch and others – almost exclusively.

2.8 million adult australians are using sharing services for travel and accommodation.

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The survey revealed an increase in Australians over 18 planning to travel, with one in two adult australians planning to travel either domestically within the next six months or internationally within the next 12 months.

This represents an 11% rise in Australians planning to travel over the past five years.

1.6 million of these travel hopefuls indicated they prefer to book their accommodation through share accommodation services like Airbnb.

In March alone, 1.08 million Australian adults used Uber and 1.14 million used Airbnb, according to Digital Ratings Monthly.

“The sharing economy is alive and well in Australia, with market leaders such as Uber and Airbnb as well as the challenger brands giving consumers more options when it comes to ride sharing and accommodation services. It’s clear from the data that consumers are embracing this and the opportunity for all the players is to carve out their unique corner of the market,” says Monique Perry, head of media at Nielsen.

Data for the study was built up from the Nielsen Australia ‘Consumer and Media View, Survey 2 2016 National 3 Month database (Jan-March), Australians 18+’ and ‘Nielsen Digital Ratings Monthly, March 2016’.


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