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Ads from eBay, AAMI and Nescafé ranked the most creative by Aussie consumers

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Ads from eBay, AAMI and Nescafé ranked the most creative by Aussie consumers


Kantar Australia announced the 10 most creatively effective ads of 2020 as judged by Aussie consumers. Ads from eBay, AAMI and Nescafé were the most effective at engaging Aussies during a pandemic-driven year. 

These were chosen from more than 100 Australian ads tested using Kantar’s validated ad testing solution, Link.

Rank Brand Creative Agency Ad Type Ad Name
1 eBay Plus CHE Proximity Australia Digital The fast and the furious
2 AAMI Ogilvy Australia Static  AAMI Assist for those assisting
3 Nescafé  Saatchi & Saatchi  TVC The perfect blend of bold and smooth
4 Ice Break Honey Communications Static The real Queenslander
5 Nivea Sun Publicis One Touch TVC Nivea sun 2020
6 Coca-Cola Ogilvy Australia  TVC Coke and food, better together
7 Powerade McCann Australia TVC Powerade, sweat it out
8 Domino’s Elevencom TVC New Yorker 30″
9 Nando’s BWM Dentsu Static Legendary peri-peri
10 Zespri  Dentsu Tokyo TVC Excited bros


eBay’s winning ad was also ranked at #18 in Kantar’s Global Creative Effectiveness Awards announced last month. 

“It resonated with consumers globally but especially with Australians because it took them behind the scenes in a humourous but succinct way,” says Kris Katalbas-Hagamann, director of creative at Kantar Australia.

Katalbas-Hagamann added that those ads that were authentic and focused on having a local lens were the most effective for Australians. 

Kantar’s head of media, digital and creative, Mark Henning, said: “The link between the top 10 Aussie ads is that they each have strong creative, which is built consistently across touchpoints to make the most of the media synergies – and understanding how to make that creative effective in the environment is absolutely critical.”

“As Australians continue to explore, engage and communicate in our COVID-social world, Kantar’s March Consumer Sentiment Survey finds over two in five Australians have increased claimed usage of TV on-demand (47 percent) and online platforms (40 percent) while the average media consumption and claimed usage by Aussies has increased by 30 percent,” added Henning.  

Daren Poole, Kantar’s global head of creative, commented that those advertisers that actively communicate with consumers during critical times have better engagement.

“Aussie brands that will thrive through this disruption must adapt to rapidly changing market and consumer needs and continue to have conversations with Australians,” Poole added.

“Invest in insights. Be authentic, bold and brave. Remember, no ‘sadvertsing’. 

In addition to the Aussie top 10, highly commended ads included 7-Eleven (CHE Proximity Australia) – ‘My 7-Eleven Loyalty Launch Redeem 2020 ‘(digital), Pepsi Max (TBWA Australia) – ‘Pepsi Max Taste Challenge’ (TVC), and AAMI (Ogilvy Australia) – ‘AAMI Does Home Claims Facebook 15”’ (digital).

Ad testing and development solutions are available through Kantar Marketplace, the automated market research platform.

Photo by Damiano Baschiera on Unsplash.

Marija Mrvosevic

Marija Mrvosevic is the editorial intern at Marketing Mag.

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