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Brands bow to China

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Brands bow to China


Multinationals are going to great lengths to tailor their products to suit the Chinese market, with some even launching entirely new product ranges, says research company Datamonitor.

Levis is the latest global brand to manufacture a new product range specifically for sale in China. The brand will be launched in autumn 2010 to 20 stores throughout China, a network which is planned to increase to 1000 stores by 2015. The new range is targeted at upwardly mobile, educated and youthful consumers around the age of 18-28 and will be sold at a cost of around $50 per pair. This is the first time that Levis has launched a brand outside of its home market.

KFC is an example of a company which has adapted products to suit the Chinese market. Products available include milk tea with grass jelly, egg tart, a Peking duck variation of the burrito and a Sze Chuan spicy beef wrap.

Skincare brands have followed suit and in order to appeal to the female market’s want for fairer skin, have launched a skin-whitening range. Along the same lines, Coca-Cola have launched a product called Spritea, a lemonade soft drink infused with green tea.

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