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No lines, no checkout – has Amazon Go perfected the seamless supermarket experience?

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No lines, no checkout – has Amazon Go perfected the seamless supermarket experience?


Amazon Go supermarkets will enable shoppers to walk in, pick up groceries, and walk out again.

Amazon Go’s first bricks-and-mortar supermarket will open in Seattle in 2017, allowing customers to scan-in when entering the store, pick up their items and leave, without having to go through a checkout.

“What if we could weave the most advanced machine learning, computer vision and AI into the very fabric of a store?” a promotional video asks.

The Amazon Go app will enable shoppers to scan in using their phone. Items picked out are automatically added to the customer’s virtual card, and charged to their Amazon Go account as they leave the store.

The technology also enables customers to change their mind in-store – removing items from their virtual cart automatically as they put them back on the shelves.

amazon go items

While the full explanation of how the technology works may have to wait until the stores open, the video does give some idea.

“We used computer vision, deep learning algorithms, and sensor fusion much like you’d find in self-driving cars. We call it ‘just walk out technology'” it reveals.

The first store will offer a full selection of groceries, with a focus on ready-to-eat meals to cater to the target market made evident in the video of on-the-move shoppers.

Here’s the introductory video

Earlier this year, Amazon Fresh, Amazon’s food delivery service, which is now in full swing in many parts of the US, hinted at a launch in Australia.

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