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UnitingCare rolls out contact tracing tech in 72 hours

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UnitingCare rolls out contact tracing tech in 72 hours


UnitingCare Queensland (UnitingCare) is a healthcare provider and charity with a workforce of 17,400 and 9000 volunteers, while catering to over 400,000 customers and the wider community. Like all organisations across Australia the Covid-19 pandemic has led to a need for increased agility in protecting the needs of customers, staff and the community – especially in high-risk environments such as hospitals and healthcare.

The special report by the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety (into the COVID-19 pandemic) made it clear, however, that some healthcare organisations were better equipped to respond to the unprecedented circumstances than others.

Following the Commission’s findings, UnitingCare was looking to focus on complying with government contact tracing protocols, and being able to respond quickly and efficiently to second wave cases in the state.

The requirements

The first step for UnitingCare was to digitise its existing manual contract tracing processes in operated facilities, which were serving upwards of 2000 check-ins per hour across Queensland. The digital solution required needed to include:

Scale – the capability to screen people in 120 locations, process thousands of check-ins per hour, allow or deny access based on responses, support a variety of devices or customers with no devices, all while ensuring a fast customer experience.

Agility – to roll out QR (quick response) codes at all 120 locations, have consistent questioning for screening, adapted questions for regional locations, support eight unique brands and colours, all while providing on-site support during initial rollout, business reporting and alert dashboard and fast access to PII data during an event.

Security and privacy – all data needed to be stored in Australia, encrypted in transit and at rest, provide secure access when needed, have SSL, TLS and all the TLAs. They also needed to have complete trust in delivery partners.

The solution

Triggerfish had previously delivered complex customer experience projects for UnitingCare and had agility in both people and technology. It was able to deliver UnitingCare’s Covid-19 in just 72 hours.

To meet the strict security, data and privacy mandates, UnitingCare leveraged the scale and investment in its existing Sitecore environment, giving it the ability to deliver quickly. Taking advantage of a range of platforms under the hood (including Sitecore Experience Forms, Experience Database, Dataweavers Managed Hosting and Microsoft Event Grid) the app tracks visitors and staff through check-in stations at hospitals and health service locations, using both physical and device QR codes.

UnitingCare head office uses Microsoft Power BI to visualise check-ins by location, submission day, brand, location and role. The Power BI dashboard also presents total check-ins, unique users and questions anomalies. As the business was discovering in real time the requirements for each location, the flexibility within the Sitecore and Microsoft Azure environments allowed for tailored rollouts of the COVID-19 screening app to various hospitals over a seven-day period.


Dan Shaw, group marketing manager for UnitingCare, says the reason the project could be delivered in such a short turnaround is due to previous investment and strategies employed by the organisation.

“Having the right tech in place laid the foundations for success, but our strong, working relationship with the team at Triggerfish was equally crucial. It was able to provide a clear path to delivery, help us prioritise activities and effectively manage our martech stacks to deliver this project in a record amount of time.”

UnitingCare is now able to screen data for emergency tracing purposes in under half an hour and can also scale the experience across all its group of brands in the future.



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