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5 things that will matter for brands in 2014


5 things that will matter for brands in 2014


Maximising the consumers experience on multiple levels should be on the top of marketers’ to do lists in 2014, according to the global brand experience agency Jack Morton.

Helen Graney, managing director of Jack Morton Australia says it’s more important than ever to understand brand experience trends as consumers expectations change.

“The way we interact with brands is rapidly evolving and as customers become increasingly empowered, it has never been more important for marketers to understand engagement and experience trends moving into 2014,” she says.

“The importance of authentic communication, strategic use of social media and experience integration are focal points of this report and will provide a solid foundation for the way our agency creates brand experiences in 2014.”

These are the top five brand experience trends the agency says marketers need to consider through 2014:

1. Relevant retail

Head of consumer in Jack Morton’s London office, Richard Vincent says the key is building relevant experiences around what consumers actually want.

“This year, the brands that are growing are the ones that embrace consumer needs, for example promoting their in-store experience as mobile-friendly,” he says.

2. The rise of the CXO

Katie Chatfield head of strategy in Sydney says organisations need to appoint a custodian who overseas the brand experience across all platforms and “champion excellence in brand experience”.

3. User experience

Leesa Wytock, head of digital in the agency’s New York office says brands will need to move beyond user experience being confined to the online experience. Every interaction the consumer has with the brand needs to be considered.

4. Owned media strategies for content marketing

Brands will need to consider innovative experiences consumers will want to participate in and share. Dan Carter, senior creative director in Jack Morton’s Shanghai office advises brands to invest in media strategies that “create intrigue, fuel conversations and foster engagement”.

5. Big data gets small

The agency says brands need to use data not just to target adds, but to make the customer experience better. As a result, the consumer will ultimately pay more.


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