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Marketing Mag’s year in review: the top 10 interviews of 2018


Marketing Mag’s year in review: the top 10 interviews of 2018


Marketing spoke to some big names this year, taking a deep dive into social purpose, new world business and futuristic houses. Here are the top 10 most popular interview articles of 2018, as chosen by you, the reader.

1. Six sells – Adam Ferrier on attention, measurement and the six second ad

Adam Ferrier ft six sells

4 September: To clear up a year of experimentation with ad formats, Marketing spoke with Adam Ferrier about six-second ads – how they fit into a world of measurement, why they work, and when. Read more »


2. Tourism Australia CMO on defining Brand Australia and why we don’t want to be a bucket list destination


7 August: Marketing spoke with Tourism Australia CMO Lisa Ronson about the Australia brand, and how the organisation’s focus is on delivering fewer, bigger and better initiatives. Read more »


3. Facebook head of brand gives her top three tips for building brand in the digital age

Great Wall of China building brands

19 July: Marketers too focused on short-term metrics will soon feel the consequences, Facebook’s Naomi Shepherd told Marketing. Organisations need to involve the whole team on the brand building journey. Read more »


4. Cindy Gallop on her six principles for new world business successGallop

5 October: Ad industry legend Cindy Gallop discussed her six principles of success and the huge opportunity the industry continues to miss. Read more »


5. Look cool and do good – expert breaks down authentic branding

eye BW Aziz

2 July: The space of cause-related business is maturing into a movement for which, like digital, success will only be realised by those who are constantly innovating, Afdhel Aziz told MarketingRead more »


6. LinkedIn director of marketing solutions on why Australian marketers are lagging in new tech adoption


28 February: Prue Cox, director of marketing solutions at LinkedIn, said Australian marketers are playing it safe when it comes to leveraging new technologies. Read more »


7. Top five tips for young marketers to thrive – insights from a property superstar

Eastlakes by Crown property

10 August: Changing deadlines, virtual reality and skywriting coordination – all in a day’s work for a marketing director in property development. Ellie Cashman told Marketing how she found success as a young marketer in a dizzying industry. Read more »


8. Where content marketers go wrong and the easy way to discover what an audience wants


30 May: Good content marketing should focus on what audiences want to see. Marketing spoke with content marketing pioneer Michael Brenner about where the industry gets it wrong. Read more »


9. Contextual commerce is coming – Carolyn Breeze tells us how to use it and where it’s going

Contextual commerce

17 April: Contextual commerce is the marketing phenomenon that will sweep the industry, said Carolyn Breeze, allowing businesses to capture and process a customer at the point of discovery. Marketing spoke with Breeze, head of Braintree Australia, about its new contextual commerce tool. Read more »


10. Poetry in architecture – Steve Sammartino’s future-focused house

construction foundation house

22 October: Steve Sammartino is building the world’s most futuristic house, equipped with a drone landing pad, voice enabled walls and solar roof tiles. He told Marketing about the art and theory behind this ambitious project. Read more »


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