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Who are you calling a liar?


Who are you calling a liar?


Sales people have a saying – buyers are liars.

Did you know that, marketers?

I’m tipping that marketers have a few sayings about salespeople too, which I probably shouldnt write here.

Cant we all just get along?

A big part of the marketer’s role is relationships with agencies and media sales reps and often these relationships are fantastic and, at times, the best part of the job. Lunches, drinks, dinners and lots of white glove treatment is thrown at you the marketer, and all because you hold the purse strings.

But its not always so wonderful being the centre of such attention, is it?

Its also the thing you hate most about your job. All those sales people out there, chomping at the bit to get in contact with you, build a relationship and convince you to spend, spend, spend with them! Its exhausting for them and equally exhausting for you. Especially now that you have such a broad media landscape. Weve all seen the diagrams at marketing events, the media map and how it has grown. Everyone has an audience now and a way to communicate with them.

Admittedly there are a million and one new products/media out there and not all are relevant to your business. However, there are a number that will rejuvinate the way you communicate your message to your audience. And without leaving it all to a 21 year-old media buyer at the agency – who frankly doesn’t care as much as you – here are some solutions for the best way to tackle this scenario.

So how do you get sales people to give you snapshot information, and not waste your time if their product is not relevant.

Four steps to a better sales pitch outcome

When a sales person approaches you, make sure:

1. They understand they have just 20 minutes of your time.

2. They ask you what your objectives, target audience, timings, expectations and budget are. Too many sales people just walk in and present the product without really knowing if it’s the right fit!

3. They present you their product and how it fits your needs.

Sales people are humans too.

Step 4 is important for all involved.

4. Give them an answer either way.

And now its time for the violins. In my five years of being a salesperson, my biggest gripe was buyers not being direct and giving you a strong answer. Waiting by the phone like a teenage girl with a crush is the hardest thing for sales people. Just let them know. Tell them! And please, if its no, dont worry. Its ok. Theyll move on and stop stalking you 24-7. Everyone’s happy.

So try these tips out to improve the relationship between marketer and salesperson.

Itll stop you from hiding under your desk, afraid to leave your house. And in return, those sales people might stop huddling into sales training sessions, cursing buyers are liars and marketers might actually be able to squeeze yet another gourmet lunch window into their crazy schedule.

So what do you think marketers and salespeople? Id love to hear what you have to say about each other.

Be kind now… 


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