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Anti-bullying campaign Dolly’s Dream encourages speaking up

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Anti-bullying campaign Dolly’s Dream encourages speaking up


A new campaign is using the powerful words of a victim of teen bullying to spread a message. ‘Dolly’s Dream’ features Kate and Tick Everett whose daughter was bullied in high school, and died by suicide.

Based around the statistic that over a quarter of Australian school kids will be bullied this year and that one in seven victims won’t tell anyone, creative agency The Open Arms created a campaign to help break the silence

What is Dolly’s Dream?

Dolly’s Dream is a charity set up by the Everett’s in memory of their late daughter. Dolly Everett was the victim of relentless bullying and cyberbullying and tragically took her own life at age 14. Started five years ago, the charity has established a 24-hour support line staffed by counsellors as well as implementing anti-bullying workshops in schools across Australia. 

For the Dolly’s Dream campaign, the words of the teen bullying victim are delivered by her parents. 

“Speak, even if your voice shakes,” the Everetts say to the camera. These were words their daughter Dolly included in an artwork she created shortly before she died. Of the campaign, Kate Everett spoke about delivering her daughter’s words. “It felt right for us to bring Dolly’s words to life for this year’s campaign. So many young people are affected by bullying, and the film captures the fear so many kids face, yet shows that Dolly’s Dream can be a voice of hope,” says Everett. 

The Open Arms co-founder and creative director, Jess Lilley, says: “When my child was bullied I was shocked by how long it took them to tell me. With this campaign we felt a responsibility to every kid in this situation. We also felt a responsibility to Dolly’s legacy and the tireless work Kate and Tick do to help other families. When they deliver Dolly’s words, it represents the powerful message that no kid should go through this alone.” 

The film is running nationally in cinema and across commercial TV and catch up, supported by outdoor, press, radio, digital and social.



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Liv Croagh

Liv Croagh was the Managing Editor of Marketing Mag from September 2021 to September 2023.

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