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The Opera House gets obliterated for the Australian Conservation Foundation

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The Opera House gets obliterated for the Australian Conservation Foundation


In a startling campaign by Spinach for Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF), AI has been used to demolish the Sydney Opera House in a shocking visual.

As Australia’s national environmental organisation ACF was formed originally to bring attention to the threatened Great Barrier Reef. The organisation has continued to grow and now more than half a million people have spoken out against environments being destroyed for oil drilling and mining; including the Kimberely, the Daintree, Kakadu and heritage listed Fraser Island.

Australian Conservation Foundation targets man made icons 

To raise awareness for Australia’s wildlife extinction crisis, the ‘Save our big backyard’ campaign was launched in April 2023. Created by Spinach, the campaign aims to educate Australians about the extinction that our local flora and fauna is facing. It is based around the statistic that only 24 percent of Australians are aware that their country is in the midst of an environmental crisis.

“We know Australians love nature. But sadly, many people don’t know the true extent of nature destruction taking place every hour across the country. We needed to shock people into taking notice. This campaign has the power to do exactly that,” says ACF campaigns director Paul Sinclair.

Launching on Anzac Day Eve during a blockbuster AFL match, the TVC shows the Sydney Opera House being bulldozed. A voice over lets the audience know that every hour our local habitat sees 28 Opera House sized land facing destruction. 

“This campaign aims to highlight the magnitude of threatened species habitat destruction with unforgettably graphic visual statements. We aim to raise questions and get Australians to recognise that we have a nature destruction problem. Why are we horrified to see the destruction of the Opera House, yet we’re unconcerned about doing the same to forests and woodland? This is an important cause and one we’re proud to have worked with ACF to raise,” says Spinach chief creative officer Frank Morabito.

This is the first work from Spinach since winning the business in a competitive pitch at the end of 2022.


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Liv Croagh

Liv Croagh was the Managing Editor of Marketing Mag from September 2021 to September 2023.

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