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BeReal is set to become the most popular app in Australia

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BeReal is set to become the most popular app in Australia


BeReal is an anti filters type of app, allowing users to simply ‘be real’. The app is now dominating charts with over 1.6 million downloads in the first three quarters of the year.

At a random time of the day, users will get notified to capture and share photos within two minutes. It enables users to take a forward facing photo and a selfie at the same time to share what they’re doing – unfiltered.

The app is becoming one of the most popular on social media, with United States President, Joe Biden joining in the bandwagon. 

The idea around BeReal is simple, it allows users to share their unfiltered, unpolished look at themselves and their surroundings. 

What comes with popularity also comes with other apps copying. Meta quickly enforced short-form video scrolling after TikTok dominated social media. 

Managing director APAC at Sensor Tower, Tom Cui, comments on the trends explaining,“TikTok continues to be Australia’s favourite social media app. In fact, it’s now much more than just an entertainment app, rather, it is a livelihood for many Aussies, helping consumers to monetise their content and fuel the growing creator economy Down Under.”

“BeReal has taken Australia by storm, surging in popularity since its appearance on the market late last year. It’s not easy to break into the social media market and perform so well. However, we’re yet to see if the app is set to be just a fad. Global SensorTower data has shown that despite a flurry in downloads, BeReal’s daily usage is much lower than competitor apps which might suggest the novelty is wearing off,” says Cui.

Cui comments on the downfall of Instagram downloads outlining, “What’s really interesting is that Instagram app downloads are the second lowest of all the social media platforms. This suggests that the curated aesthetic is on the way out and authenticity is on the way in. Social media apps will do well to tap into this trend as consumers embrace originality over edited content.”



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Benay Ozdemir

Benay is an in-house writer for Niche Media.

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