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Birra Moretti drives ‘authentic’ nonnas around Melbourne in latest campaign

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Birra Moretti drives ‘authentic’ nonnas around Melbourne in latest campaign


Italian beer brewer Birra Moretti is bringing an “authentic touch of Italian culture” to Australia in the form of Italian grandmothers as part of an immersive new campaign.

For over 160 years Birra Moretti has prided itself on giving beer lovers a truly authentic taste of Italy. This summer, the brand is going a step further with a unique to-category experience that aims to enhance brand awareness and drive participation.

With over 1.1 million Australians claiming Italian heritage and a large part of them residing in Melbourne, the city already boasts a deep Italian influence. But the Moretti ‘Deliver-a-Nonna’ service is set to bring Nonna’s cooking and tradition to all Melbournians.

A nonna of one’s own

From this week until 11 February, consumers will have the opportunity to win one of three exclusive authentic Italian dining experiences, curated and prepared by what Birra Moretti calls ‘genuine Italian grandmothers’ in the comfort of their own homes. 

‘Nonna’ will be hitting the streets of Melbourne in a classic Fiat 500 and will arrive at lucky consumers’ homes with everything she needs to make a three-course meal for them and four friends, paired with Birra Moretti. The knowledgeable Nonna will also impart her traditional skills and culinary secrets for guests to recreate on their own.

To participate, customers simply need to purchase a six-pack of Birra Moretti at any bottle shop and register their details on Birra Moretti’s website.

“A shared meal at the table is at the heart of Italian culture and I’m excited to share this with the rest of Melbourne,” says Anna Pascuzzo of Rosa’s Traditional Italian Cooking and Classes and a “dedicated Nonna”.

“In every recipe enjoyed throughout the Birra Moretti experience, you’ll find ingredients, a legacy of love, family tradition passed down through generations and a taste of what it’s like to live authentically Italian.”

Birra Moretti capitalises on summer vibe

The campaign will seek to add to the city’s heightened energy and enthusiasm throughout the busy summer months as well as contribute to elevating the gastronomic experiences that Melbourne is so accustomed to.

“Whether consumers have been to Italy or not, this at-home immersive experience is designed to inspire consumers to live just a little like an authentic Italian and experience la bella vita,” says Birra Moretti country manager Dino Bozzone.

A fleet of roaming Fiat 500s will be used to promote the campaign throughout Melbourne CBD. The campaign will be further bolstered by street posters in iconic sites and paid social media ads on the Birra Moretti Instagram and Facebook through dark posts geo-targeted towards the Melbourne consumer base.

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