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Yahoo offers advertisers glimpse into cookieless reality

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Yahoo offers advertisers glimpse into cookieless reality


In anticipation of a cookieless world, Yahoo has refined its identity testing capabilities to assist advertisers in ensuring campaign longevity and staying on top of media trends. 

Advertisers can rest assured that, under Yahoo Identity Solutions, they will be able to trial the effectiveness of campaign future-proofing strategies in a simulated environment within the Yahoo DSP, and across all web browsers and in-app inventory. 

This Yahoo-launched test allows advertisers to remove cookies across all identity-related use cases, which include frequency capping, targeting, conversion attribution and reach metrics. 

Forecasting future advertising trends 

This enhancement of identity capabilities involves a A/B test that allows advertisers to see a control line operating on web and a current in-app inventory – complete with third-party cookies and identifiers – and a test line that runs across the exact same environments, however sans third-party cookies and device IDs.

By pairing control alongside test campaigns, advertisers are guaranteed a more nuanced understanding of future advertising trends. This identity testing can be conducted using an array of audiences such as demographic, income, interest, lookalike and predictive. 

Yahoo chief revenue Elizabeth Herbst-Brady says imminent cookie deprecation is prompting advertisers to search for flexible alternatives.

Advertisers are looking to easily and accurately test solutions without having to change the way they buy or introduce friction into their campaigns,” she explains. 

Herbst Brady says the launch of these new testing capabilities demonstrates Yahoo’s ongoing commitment to equipping advertisers with comprehensive media insights. 

Bolstering advertiser reputation

Global commercialisation partner for life sciences Klick Health has already jumped on the bandwagon for Yahoo Identity Solutions. Vice president Kristy Quagliariello applauds testing ability to predict success or flop in a cookieless world. 

“We’re committed to partnering with companies like Yahoo that have cutting-edge identity solutions and capacity to execute campaigns emulating the cookieless future,” she says. 

Quagliariello says Yahoo Identity Solutions arms Klick Health with a competitive edge over other life sciences advertisers.

Thriving in a privacy-centric world

Yahoo remains devoted to supporting the future of identity and empowering advertisers to achieve business objectives in light of industry calls for tightened privacy. 

Advertisers are also invited to test Google Privacy Sandbox APIs and reap the benefits of still reaching customers on Chrome even as third party cookies continue to decrease in popularity. 

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Helena Morgan

Helena Morgan is an Assistant Editor at Niche Media.

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