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Streamline marketing operations with Smartsheet

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Streamline marketing operations with Smartsheet


In a time of budget cuts and demanding goals, marketing leaders are under immense pressure to deliver more with less. An advanced project management solution like Smartsheet stands as a beacon of efficiency, offering a unified platform that can help a marketing team thrive and relieve stress.

Smartsheet provides a consolidated platform that offers collaborative work management, resource management and digital asset management, all in one place. This integration is crucial for teams seeking to streamline their processes and achieve better returns on investment.

It’s a solution to a common problem marketing teams face: a fragmented martech stack. Underused resources and complex vendor management increases cost for no gain. Smartsheet simplifies this by managing the entire marketing lifecycle, from initial planning and briefing stages through to execution and distribution.

In a commissioned study, Forrester Consulting found a 680 percent ROI and a net present value of US$16.33 million over three years for a hypothetical organisation that adopted Smartsheet​​.

Seamless collaboration and integration 

Stronger teams and more successful projects are developed with Smartsheet, as collaboration and resource management can scale from a single project to enterprise-wide solutions. Smartsheet streamlines operations and empowers marketing and creative teams to focus on producing compelling content that resonates with audiences​​. With centralised and automated processes, transforming a complex strategy into an actionable plan is simple.

Renowned brands have already reaped the benefits of Smartsheet’s integrated approach. McGraw Hill boosted its efficiency by 50 percent by automating and simplifying its processes with Smartsheet​​. Similarly, McLaren Racing distributed race day footage and assets seven-times faster, showcasing the platform’s capability in enhancing distribution efficiency​​. 

Uber doubled productivity by adopting Smartsheet, cutting process time by 50 percent with a single source of truth for planning, execution and reporting.

Smartsheet’s integration with tools like Adobe Creative Cloud, Slack, Google Workspace and Jira enhances its utility. This allows teams to efficiently store, manage and share a wide range of files, including high-resolution videos and 3D renderings, using Brandfolder by Smartsheet​​.

The ease of a digital asset management system

Brandfolder is Smartsheet’s powerful Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. It significantly streamlines the storage, management and distribution of digital assets. With Brandfolder, marketing departments can increase production by 33 percent by empowering fragmented teams to create localised marketing collateral using automated templates and pre-approved elements​​​​. This streamlined asset distribution enhances the agility and responsiveness of marketing campaigns​​.

Brandfolder and Smartsheet ensure that teams stay synchronised, from creative requests to content distribution. Custom forms capture request details, and centralised feedback through proofing drives consensus​​. For one client this unified approach reduced customer life-cycle creation time by 45 percent, allowing teams to focus more on experimentation and campaign design​​.

Smartsheet’s platform, complemented by Brandfolder’s robust DAM capabilities, is not just a tool; it’s a game-changer for marketing professionals seeking to maximise their efficiency and creative output. By integrating multiple aspects of marketing operations, Smartsheet could mean the difference between struggling with disparate tools and excelling in a competitive landscape.

Check out a demonstration video to understand how Smartsheet can assist your business.


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