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Michelle Yeoh shines in Lululemon’s Lunar New Year campaign

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Michelle Yeoh shines in Lululemon’s Lunar New Year campaign


The beloved Academy Award-winning actress features alongside eight dancers from the Shenzhen Opera and Dance Theatre in Lululemon’s short film campaign ‘Be Spring’.

Coinciding with the start of the Year of the Dragon, Lululemon’s ‘Be Spring’ is an ode to the rebirth and rejuvenation intrinsic to the spring season – with Yeoh affirming that possessing a sense of “inner spring” is a “superpower”.

Shot in the mountain settings of Jingning and Xiandu, both in China, the short film uses a poetic re-enactment of the meeting of mind and body as a vessel in which to unpack the concept of wellbeing, and to encourage audiences to search for a feeling of eternal and inextinguishable spring in quotidian moments. 

Movement of mind, body and soul 

Yeoh boasts an impressive background in dance and martial arts and cites a love of physical activity as essential to finding balance and inner tranquillity in everyday life. 

She is dedicated to helping younger generations in particular develop an appreciation towards sports and physical movement – a dedication made even more apparent by her recent appointment to a member of the International Olympic Committee. 

Yeoh reflects on the full circle moment of starring in Wing Chun and thirty years later being a part of Lululemon’s re-imagining of the film via ‘Be Spring’ – a musing and life philosophy that greatly resonates with the actress.

“Wing Chun holds a special place in my heart. I’m honoured to have the opportunity to collaborate with these professional dancers and re-interpret Wing Chun through ‘Be Spring’,” says Yeoh. 

Lululemon’s plight to champion essence, energy and spirit 

The Canadian-American athletic apparel retailer staunchly believes that everyone has the right to flourish and be well, and in 2024, it is engaging with the notion of wellbeing through the lens of eastern culture. 

“We are examining our essence, our energy and our spirit,” says Lululemon China’s vice president of brand marketing and community Lynn Cheah. 

“Presented through the juxtaposition of Chinese martial arts – in this case Wing Chun – and dance, ‘Be Spring’ is a celebration of spring, and an invitation to find your balance,” she says.

Lululemon fanatics and the like will be able to purchase the attire Yeoh wears in ‘Be Spring’ – the brand’s Define Jacket – later in January. Additionally, Lululemon staples such as the Align series and Everywhere Belt Bag will be launched in a Lunar New Year colour palette. 

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Helena Morgan is an Assistant Editor at Niche Media.

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