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Lamb closes generation gap in 2024 edition of annual campaign

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Lamb closes generation gap in 2024 edition of annual campaign


Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) is back with its annual summer lamb campaign, depicting lamb as the antidote to growing cultural divides between generations.

Former AFL player Sam Kekovich returns as the ‘Lambassador’, a role he first adopted in 2005, though this time with a humble cameo since personified stereotypes are the stars of the day.

“Pop culture would have us believe that the generations are practically different species. Apparently, Boomers are unable to master the basics of technology whilst Zoomers spend every waking moment making TikTok dances and Millennials spend too much on ‘avo toast’ and craft beer,” says Graeme Yardy, domestic market manager at Meat & Livestock Australia.

“But in reality, there’s far more that unites than separates us, and that’s what this year’s Summer Lamb campaign is all about.” 

‘Boomertown’ and growing differences between generations

In the ad, four generations are left to inhabit contrasting cities divided by chasms that continue to widen after moments of intergenerational tension, until a lamb BBQ unites all.

Yardy says, “Whether it’s a love of our sporting heroes or our beautiful landscapes, the best of Australia always brings us together, and what better way to break down the generational divide than over an epic Aussie lamb BBQ – the ultimate unifier!”

The spot was made by creative agency The Monkeys and co-directed by generational rivals Aimée-Lee Xu Hsien and Trent O’Donnell.

Scott Dettrick, creative director at The Monkeys, adds, “Maybe if we just got around a lamb BBQ and had a chat, we might find out that grandad is actually pretty cool, or all that stuff millennials know can be really useful. Our entire creative process this year was a fun generational debate, and with multi-generational directors and editors on the films, it was all very method.”

Last year, MLA created an alternate reality for people banished to infinite cultural exile for being “Un-Australian”.

Check out the 2023 ad here.


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Ned Lupson

Ned Lupson is an Assistant Editor at Niche Media.

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