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Building brands, engaging audiences: a five-step guide to marketing success

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Building brands, engaging audiences: a five-step guide to marketing success

Marketing success

In the fast-paced world of marketing, identifying the activities that build brand equity, and showing the value of our efforts to stakeholders are perhaps two of the most challenging aspects of our roles as marketers. We often grapple with the intricacies of content strategy and brand marketing, while having to adapt to evolving landscapes – especially during challenging economic times. 

In a recent interview with Stefan Maritz, head of marketing at Blackbear, we gained invaluable insights into navigating these challenges and achieving success in brand building. 

Let’s delve into key takeaways from Stefan’s perspective.

1. The power of content in brand building

During our chat, Stefan emphasised how good content marketing is at the core of positive brand impact. As he highlights the importance of projecting consistent brand values, he underscores the necessity to achieve this through storytelling and authenticity.

By focusing on brand equity, marketers can create a solid foundation for content strategies that provide real value to customers and prospects. Stefan is a living example of this; he shares incredibly valuable content with his followers on an impressively regular basis on platforms like LinkedIn. Why? Because offering value builds trust and authority.

2. Proving the value of brand marketing

Attributing the effectiveness of brand marketing activities can be challenging, but Stefan encourages a long-term perspective. While it’s not as straightforward as measuring direct sales, investing time and resources into brand awareness activities can yield lower acquisition costs over three to five years. 

He suggests educating stakeholders on the challenges of attribution and emphasises that real value allows brands to grow organically. So, rather than focusing on clicks on ads, brand building and content marketing performance are best gauged by looking at organic traffic and how people engage with specific content.

3. Effective brand promotion during challenging times

In tough economic climates, Stefan advises a shift “from asking to giving”, asserting that brands that give prospects relevant content during challenging times – instead of asking prospects to provide their data – will succeed in the long run. A concern remains: “How do you know if you’re doing it right?”

Stefan stresses the importance of consistency in brand experience and authenticity. By being genuine and consistently telling the brand’s story, businesses can gain trust, even when facing economic uncertainties. And in the end, the answer is simple: if your organic and social following is strong and keeps growing, you’re doing something right.

4. Educating teams on brand importance

Educating teams on the significance of brand building is crucial. Stefan recommends starting with the basics, clarifying that branding is more than just a marketing team’s responsibility. Practical examples, such as evaluating sales calls for on-brand conversations, help align the entire company around the brand narrative. 

This approach empowers different teams and ensures that everyone stays 100 percent on-brand. This way, every customer or potential customer interaction with the company is consistent and unified.

5. Building brands through genuine value

Stefan’s insights underscore how brand building is all about providing genuine value. Regardless of the product or audience, he advocates for targeted, relevant content delivered consistently to build trust and resonate with the community. 

In a rapidly changing digital landscape, aligning teams, educating stakeholders, and adapting to shifts in data management are essential for sustained success in branding. Building a brand is an ongoing journey, and by staying customer-centric and true to your narrative, you’ll continue to generate ROI and foster lasting connections with your audience. Watch the full interview with Stefan here


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