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Decoding marketing automation with Taguchi

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Decoding marketing automation with Taguchi


In the ever-evolving marketing landscape, the term ‘marketing automation’ has been around for a long time, constantly adapting to introduce fresh perspectives to age-old concepts. For Taguchi, it’s not just a term, it’s a powerful embodiment of ideas that have shaped the marketing industry. 

In an interview with ITWire TV, Ben Dyer, co-founder of Taguchi, shared insights into how Taguchi defines and stands out in the realm of marketing automation.

Defining marketing automation

Dyer describes ‘marketing automation’ as more than a buzzword – it’s a transformative approach that serves as a bridge between sales and marketing, and automates the execution and precise targeting of messages to individual recipients. 

Why is Taguchi different?

As Taguchi celebrates its 15th birthday in 2024, the Australian marketing automation pioneer is not just marking a milestone – it’s also launching a major product update with its brand-new platform interface and activity editor. These updates will make it even easier for marketers of all levels to build sophisticated personalised marketing campaigns.

Taguchi sets itself apart with its philosophy of the ‘T-shaped platform’, which focuses on a broad spectrum of capabilities while honing in on depth of expertise around campaign execution (the ‘stem’ of the T).

Dyer says, “Our platform is designed to automate content production, targeting, segmentation, and, most importantly, delivering the right message to the right person at the right time – in my opinion better than any other company.”

Taguchi’s success stories

Among Taguchi’s many successes, Domino’s is one standout story, where Taguchi partnered with the global pizza franchise to incorporate next generation marketing technology into their strategy. With Taguchi technology, Domino’s can tailor customer messages by creating thousands of unique variations of email content, which is subsequently broadcast across its user base through a high-volume email program.


Taguchi’s ability in personalised messaging not only benefits customers but also empowers the individual franchise owners by giving them access to advanced marketing capabilities. This customisation is driven by two key factors: individual buying behaviour and the diverse product variations that individual stores may wish to promote in their respective markets.

In another strategic collaboration with Accor Pacific, Taguchi successfully addressed critical challenges faced by the hotel network in a post-pandemic market. Prior to the trial, Accor Pacific faced resource constraints, resulting in infrequent ‘single shot’ email campaigns. Taguchi’s challenge was to enhance follow-up communications using existing resources, with a focus on refining customer engagement through personalisation.

Leveraging automation, segmentation, and targeting, Taguchi orchestrated a 5-week email journey using Taguchi Paths with multiple touchpoints that triggered personalised messages at predefined intervals. The outcome was nothing short of extraordinary – a staggering 300 percent increase in bookings compared to previous campaigns.


Taguchi’s approach to marketing automation is not just about automating; it’s about redefining the marketing narrative. As the company celebrates its 15th birthday this year, Taguchi’s commitment to innovation, personalisation, and seamless integration stands as a beacon for marketing managers and industry professionals, offering a glimpse into the future of marketing automation.

We’d love to hear from marketers who are keen to make the sophisticated seem simple when it comes to automating their marketing campaigns, and more importantly – delivering real business results.

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