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Homegrown heroes: TikTok 2022 trends of Australia

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Homegrown heroes: TikTok 2022 trends of Australia


TikTok has released its international charts of popular content from 2022 this week and now it is zooming in on the moments that defined Australian internet culture.

Pictured: Daen Lia of Daen’s Kitchen.

TikTok’s annual wrap-up offers an interesting exercise in cross-cultural comparison. What do our memorable TikTok moments say about our values and attention span? Which content transcends borders, and which is uniquely Australian? Are we really that different from the USA?

“2022 was a year like no other, and we are so proud of the Aussies on TikTok who have shared their talents, their laughs and their life hacks with us all this year,” says TikTok Australia and New Zealand’s general manager, Lee Hunter.

“From businesses finding new ways to reach their audiences, to creators around the country connecting within their diverse and unique communities, it has been another unforgettable Year on TikTok.”

Buckle in, here’s the full list of Australia’s favourite TikTok moments from 2022:

Trending videos

Popular videos from ‘For You’ feeds in 2022.

  1. @howridiculous Extreme balloon popping
  2. @swag.on.the.beat Do Americans really understand us?
  3. @katrina_ashleighh What’s so funny about a tortilla?
  4. @robertirwin Robert Irwin rescues a tough blue tongue lizard


Songs that soundtracked 2022.

  1. L$d – Luclover, @cas.___.
  2. Ginseng Strip 2002 – Yung Lean, @chloebunny_.
  3. About Damn Time – Lizzo, @nathanlust.
  4. As It Was – Harry Styles, @emhodder.
  5. Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) – Kate Bush, @zach_mander.

The hitmakers

Some of our own are among the artists who captured Aussie ears, and eyes, with the most video views throughout 2022.

  1. @deanlewis 
  2. @peachprc 
  3. @thekidlaroi 
  4. @clintonkane 
  5. @joelsvnny 

Breakthrough Australian creators

In Australia, home cooks and stuntmen made their mark on TikTok.

  1. @andy_cooks 
  2. @lukeandsassyscott 
  3. @unicewani 
  4. @howridiculous 
  5. @jimmyjan 
@unicewani COME ON GIRL!! @케지민/KEJIMIN🍍 ♬ KU LO SA (Edit) - KV


There’s a safe space out there for our coffee snobs.

  1. #BookTok@pretty.bookish 
  2. #LawnTok@aussieacrebros
  3. #aboriginaltiktok@raintreeart 
  4. #PetsofTikTok@caiqueing.withus
  5.  #CoffeeTok@goldenbrown.coffee


What were our foodies drooling over this year?

  1. @effectivespaces Sushi
  2. @musclehoney Honey fresh off the comb
  3. @daenskitchen The humble eggs and avocado
  4. @andy_cooks DIY fish and chips
  5. @lukefalzon Some Aussie survival skills 


What life hacks did TikTok teach us?

  1. @madsie.s How to make a brownie in 45 seconds
  2. @drkarl What happens when you hold in a fart? Dr Karl fills us in
  3. @coincollecting_detecting Everything you need to know to spot a rare coin 
  4. @nickkdempsey Learn a bit more about life with quadriplegia 
  5. @oneminmicro What does tap water look like under a microscope? 

#TikTokMadeMeBuyIt Products

Popular trends inspired by brands in 2022.

  1. @mymessymonster 
  2. @theladcollective 
  3. @thelazydoor 
  4. @waggsandbone 
  5. @hangeasy 

To see how our tastes compare with the rest of the world, view the global TikTok trends here.


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