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Melburnians are the most engaged community on Reddit

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Melburnians are the most engaged community on Reddit


The month of December provides companies like Reddit to evaluate their strengths and interests over the past year.

With Reddit recapping its year, the report has showcased the communities and topics discussed within Australian consumers. The engagement on the platform increased over the year, as posts were up by 14 percent to 430 million posts and comments were seven percent up to 2.5 billion.

The most engaged community in Australia placing in third place after ‘r/askreddit’ and ‘r/australia’ is ‘r/melbourne’. But a lot of interesting conversations spark on Reddit with the most viewed community on the platform called ‘r/amitheasshole’. This has also been carried out to other social media platforms like TikTok, where people share their stories asking if they were in the wrong. Situations like teaching their four-year-old niece a new word and questionable paper airplane contest strategies have sparked up conversations across the platform. 

The second most viewed community was ‘r/AskReddit’ as curiosity of opinions never stops the users in posting or commenting. The ‘r/AskMen’ and ‘r/AskWomen’ had 59 percent and 52 percent increases in views this year – showcasing that since last year, people sought after for more honest conversations. 

The report also found that redditors sought out wholesome and joyful moments to upvote and comment on. The tag, ‘r/mademesmile’, saw an increase of 45 percent in views compared to last year. As the biggest smiles came from posts about cancer survivors, proposals and cute sleepy baby otters.

As with other social platforms, users were interested in learning about the world. As users steer towards understanding current situations across the globe, ‘r/worldnews’ became the third most viewed community. The war in Ukraine has been an interest to everyone as ‘r/ukraine’ has 1.8 billion views and over six million posts and comments. These results indicate the interest of users in staying informed about the latest developments from Ukraine. 

Taking action on issues

Redditors focus went from URL to IRL, where they were fighting for action online and in the real world. They didn’t just speak about climate change, but they were taking action. Communities such as ‘r/nolawns’, ‘r/climateoffensive’ and ‘r/guerillagardening’ saw an increase in views suggesting an increase in action with sustainability and climate advocacy. 

What were the most popular voted posts in Australia?

  1. r/mademesmile: he finally got his acorn
  2. r/oddlysatisfying: Adding gold foil to this thread I came across
  3. r/australia: Paying back Clive for all those f**** text messages
  4. r/australia: “Jesus, we’re on the f**** tele”
  5. r/chaser: Aussies unite: Can we make this majestic bin chicken the most upvoted image on Reddit of all time?

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Benay Ozdemir

Benay is an in-house writer for Niche Media.

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