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Nike showcases new Jordan Luka 2 with basketball match on floating court

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Nike showcases new Jordan Luka 2 with basketball match on floating court


Marketing stunts are often elaborate and attention grabbing – and Nike’s latest campaign, which featured a basketball match held atop a purpose-built floating court on Lake Bled to celebrate the release of its new Jordans, is no exception. The new shoes are the result of a collaboration between Nike and the Slovenian basketball star, Luka Dončić. And Nike has spared no expense in showcasing the new Jordans, unveiling a floating arena that it has constructed on top of Lake Bled in Slovenia.

The floating court was the site for a three-on-three tournament, organised in collaboration with the local basketball shop Grosbasket, to attract publicity with the spectacle of the players (almost literally) walking on water.

Jordan Luka 2 inspired by picturesque Lake Bled

The new Jordan Luka 2 ‘Lake Bled’ shoes are inspired by the picturesque Lake Bled on which the floating basketball arena is built. The pristine lake is the tonal inspiration for the basketball shoes, which incorporate a cool icy-blue colour palette as part of their design. 

The inspiration pays homage to Luka Dončić’s national heritage, with Nike describing the scenic Lake Bled as a “famed example of Slovenia’s natural beauty”.

Indeed, the shoe construction itself is influenced by the location. The shoes, which are categorised on Nike’s website as using “sustainable materials”, are designed with at least 20 percent recycled material and can be purchased for $200.

“Slovenia—Luka’s home country—is the first nation to be declared a ‘Green Destination of the World’ in its entirety,” says Nike. “And the shoe’s mindful construction (each pair is made with at least 20 percent recycled material) honours the country’s ongoing dedication to sustainability.”

Indeed, Nike aims to increase its usage of environmentally preferred materials, to decrease its greenhouse gas emissions by 0.5M imperial tons by 2025

With the new shoes it is taking a step in the right direction. 

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Sam McLeod

Sam McLeod is a writer and intern at Marketing Magazine.

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