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The best Super Bowl 2024 ads released ahead of the game

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The best Super Bowl 2024 ads released ahead of the game

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In the lead-up to advertising’s biggest day of the year, many major brands have released high-profile creations early, with a new cast of veteran celebs pulled in for 2024.

Why do so many ads now appear online days in advance of the match? Ogilvy’s head of influence and culture, Liana Rossi, told Marketing Mag last year that it’s all about minimising competition with the event itself and hitting audiences more than once.

“These ads are wrestling for attention, with lots of competing factors, and little idea what competitors are going to pull,” she said.

“Yes, the Super Bowl is a huge paid media spend, but we’re seeing the proof that it can’t be done alone. The shift in dynamics feels geared towards earned media and gathering momentum in social.”

From Google celebrating the expanded accessibility of its flagship phone, to DoorDash promising to splash the cash on one fortunate user, major brands have chosen to jump the gun again in 2024. These are the best Super Bowl ads you can check out now.

Uber Eats

Amnesia strikes our old favourites this year in various contexts thanks to Uber Eats, ranging across the series from the re-enactment of a viral Beckham moment to an awkward Friends reunion.


The Oreo spot conjures scenarios in which figures of mythology and history twist cookies to guide their fateful choices: agreeing to or refusing suggestions if the icing sticks to the right side of the cookie or the left respectively.


The travel company’s series of spots feature Tina Fey hiring body doubles for diverse travel adventures, among them her 30 Rock colleague Jane Krakowski and the decorated Glenn Close.


BMW’s ad for its electric i5 features actor Christopher Walken going through his day as he’s harassed by imitators of his iconic voice, from actress Ashley Park to Usher, this year’s halftime performer.


Google’s ‘Javier in Frame’ depicts the life of a blind man as he uses the latest Pixel’s Guided Frame feature, an AI tool designed to assist the blind and visually impaired in taking photos.

United Airlines

The American carrier devised a collection of localised direct-to-camera appeals that feature Kyle Chandler harking back to his Friday Night Lights days, motivating faithful football fans to book their 2025 flights early to the Super Bowl.

Mountain Dew

Aubrey Plaza’s trademark and unbreakable disinterest characterises Mountain Dew’s Super Bowl ad, complete with the tagline “having a blast”.


Think of every product promoted during the game, those above and any not yet revealed, being shipped to your door. That’s the enormous shopping cart DoorDash has on offer for one lucky viewer.


Martin Scorsese succeeds Adam Driver as Squarespace’s big star for 2024, working both behind and in front of the camera to highlight the universal utility of a website, after producing an early teaser with his daughter Francesca of recent TikTok fame.

Read Marketing Mag’s 2023 interview with Squarespace’s VP of creative on what it takes to produce a great Super Bowl ad here.


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Ned Lupson

Ned Lupson is an Assistant Editor at Niche Media.

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