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Aussie icons Vegemite and Uncle Tobys join forces to create a new breakfast frontier

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Aussie icons Vegemite and Uncle Tobys join forces to create a new breakfast frontier

Uncle Tobys

Aussie breakfast staples Uncle Tobys and Vegemite are joining forces to pioneer a brand-new breakfast experience.

A new product, Uncle Toby Oats with Vegemite, sees the smooth and creamy oats combined with the salty umami flavours of Vegemite, a match made in heaven for consumers who like their oats with a twist.

With a shared 230 years of history in Aussie pantries, the collaboration is a celebration of the two companies’ contributions to Australian snacks. As part of the campaign, the duo are asking the nation to vote on whether the mashup should officially make it to store shelves. 

“We are thrilled to be working with the Vegemite team to bring our two brands together and can’t wait to hear if Aussies want to see Uncle Tobys Oats with Vegemite to appear on shelves officially,” Nestlé head of marketing Uncle Tobys, Michelle Katz says.

Vegemite is celebrating its centenary on October 25 and Uncle Tobys is marking 130 years in 2023.

Australian icons Vegemite and Uncle Tobys launch new product

Jess Hoare, marketing manager of Vegemite added, “As this year marks a significant milestone for both of us, it’s a no-brainer to come together and celebrate the versatility of both products: combining two icons to create something unique and flavoursome.” 

In 1861 the Uncle Tobys Company was born after two brothers Leonard and Goerge Parsons left England and began manufacturing John Bull Oats in Melbourne.

Vegemite was also developed in Melbourne in 1923 by Aussie chemist Cyril Callister.

Callister developed the spread from one of the richest known natural sources in the Vitamin B group, brewer’s yeast.

The Vegemite company has a long and storied history of creative marketing campaigns and collaborations. From the iconic 1950s ‘Happy Little Vegemites’ radio and television song campaign to a Vegemite and cheese roast chicken available at Coles today, Vegemite continues to charm Aussie consumers.

And Happy Little Vegemites are happy for a reason, with research conducted by Victoria University in 2017 showing that people who eat vegemite and other yeast-based spreads report they are less anxious and stressed than people who don’t eat them.

You can cast your vote to see the breakfast mashup on supermarket shelves here.


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Millie Costigan

Millie Costigan was a writer and intern at Marketing Magazine in 2023.

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