Coca-Cola taps into the world of teens with bite-sized digital content

The latest branded content offering from content marketing superhero Coca-Cola has seen the brand launch a website with refreshable digital games and other content. The contents of the site is based on recent research it undertook with teenage panels.

The new website is called ‘The AHH effect‘ and comprises abstract games like identifying if an obscure object is a cat and a video asking if certain song lyrics would make good pick up lines.

The online content will be accessible via smartphones and tablets as well as through desktops. The digital media push also has 19 teen-friendly media partners including Alloy, Vevo, Buzzfeed, Facebook and Twitter. Coke will also encourage teens to create their own software based experiences for the brand.

The brand will reportedly analyse the content available and remove content that is not being engaged with. The content will be modeled from a mobile-first perspective is aimed at appealing to the short attention spans of modern teens.

The site was set up with agency partner Weiden+Kenny. Coke have been very vocal about their commitment to content marketing, as detailed in their 14 minute video, Coca-Cola Content 2020.