The Money Issue – Marketing Magazine launches its April/May 2018 edition

Marketing is pleased to announce the release of The Money Issue, our April/May 2018 print edition.

It is reaching subscribers around the country and is available on newsstands now. Purchase your copy here »

Exploring how money affects marketers money from a variety of points of view, we:

Marketing Money Issue

… examine the blockchain phenomenon and investigate how it will change the marketing landscape.

… help you decide whether or not you’re getting paid enough with our marketing salaries report.

… understand high net worth individuals as a segment, and learn what marketers can do to garner their attention.

… look ahead to see what B2B marketers need to do to succeed.

… speak to a money mastermind about personal financial data, and how it can be used in non-creepy ways.

… take a look at the future of cash, with the head of retail payment technology company Square.

… learn how to deal with the problems that come with success.

… find out what Australian banks need to do to resurrect their relationship with customers.


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