This week’s top stories: World Cup marketing, CSR, opinion

The 10 most popular marketing articles from for the work week ending Friday 13 June 2014.


1. Top10 marketing activations guaranteed to give you World Cup fever – by Katie Klonis

2. 2014 CSR Top 10 organisations revealed, lack of government leadership blamed for overall lag

3. Anyone can be a marketer – by Bri Williams

4. Becoming a digital lab: an agency playground and client heaven – by Grant Flannery

5. ‘Data science’ miss half the equation: an argument for ‘decision science’ – by Deepindra Dhingra

6. Interview: ‘Launching an airline from scratch was the most fun I’ve ever had’ – Melissa Madden career profile

7. Masters Home Improvement revamps ecommerce offering with ‘tablet-first’ website

8. Create killer case studies – tips for B2B marketers – by Lucy Poole

9. How ecommerce sites can differentiate through great content – by Dustin Dean

10. Illuminating Dark Social: understanding the hidden majority of social sharing – by Kerry McCabe