Vodafone’s 3-year recovery plan: no longer responsible for the boy that never called

Embattled telco Vodafone has launched a ‘new confidence campaign’ with a new TV spot that makes light of the network challenges previously faced by the company.

The spot, created by Ogilvy, shows a teenage girl waiting for a call from a boy, who in the next shot is seen discarding the girls number in the bin. The ad finishes with a voice over saying: ‘If you don’t get that call, it’s probably not our network.’

The campaign is aimed at showing the brand as more confident and highlighting the company’s recent expansion of its mobile coverage network.

Vodafone has recently made significant changes to its network by moving call centres back to Australia from overseas and expanding its mobile coverage network in regional Australia from July in answer to a $1.2 billion loss and the exodus of a million customers in 2011 and last year.

Vodafone has also brought in chief marketing officer Kim Clarke to resuscitate the flailing brand. Clarke told The Australian that the brand was in a “significantly different place” and that the campaign  would signal “a much more confident Vodafone.”

Clarke also said Vodafone was “about one year into a three-year recovery program”, and compared the experience to a broken personal relationship. “You can’t just make one statement and then everything is all good,” she said. “Relationships are not fixed with one single campaign… but we’re well on track.”