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60% of Australians need more control


60% of Australians need more control


According to AustraliaSCAN’s survey into Australian’s attitudes to health and wellness, 60% of Australians feel that life is out of control.

People are dissatisfied with their health status and concepts of ‘personal control over life’ and ‘personal health satisfaction’ have been in steady decline since 1995.

The top health concerns by Australians included keeping the right weight (37%), getting enough exercise (35%), getting diabetes (26%) and the consumption of high cholesterol foods (24%).

“The 2010 AustraliaSCAN study shows a picture of confusion, uncertainty and contradictions in the minds of Australians about how to best protect their health. On the one hand, they are increasingly aware of multiple threats to their good health but continue to engage in risky behaviour and self-deception when it comes to taking action to protect and preserve it,” said David Chalke, AustraliaSCAN consultant.

When accessing health information, a third of Australians prefer to use the internet, with over two thirds accessing online health information weekly. Australians were also four times more likely to use the internet for health information than they were 10 years ago.

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