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A Facebook share of your event is worth 5 times a tweet


A Facebook share of your event is worth 5 times a tweet


Since 2010, online ticketing platform Eventbrite has compiled a social commerce report that takes a look at how businesses are marketing their events through social networks, and the latest report has some interesting insights into how users share ticket purchases.

The 2012 ‘Social Commerce Report’ has seen the dollar value generated each time an event or purchase is shared by a user almost double since the first report in 2010, with Facebook the most valuable platform.

In Australia, the value attributed to a share or ‘like’ on Facebook is $5.32 (second only in the world to Ireland’s $10.37), a Twitter share is worth $1.91 and a LinkedIn share is worth $0.80.

When it comes to driving traffic, however, Twitter is in the lead, with each tweet driving an average of 40 visits back to the organiser’s events page, followed by 19 visits on average from a Facebook share, and 16 visits on average from a LinkedIn share.

The reports also reveals that Australian users who share events via social networks are more likely to do it after making a purchase (60%) than from the event page prior to purchasing (or not)(40%).

Global stats are in the graphic below, and you can find more details on the report’s methodology here.


australia .png



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