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AANA says no to Do Not Call register bill changes


AANA says no to Do Not Call register bill changes


The Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) has urged the Federal Government to reconsider its plans to widen the eligibility requirements of the ‘Do Not Call’ register bill.

The association has voiced its concern that the current proposal, which advocates a range of extensions to the register including only allowing small business telephone and fax numbers, is not based on an adequate assessment of the impact the changes will have on all businesses in Australia.

The AANA also challenge the government’s estimate of how many businesses will join the register.

“Business-to-business telephone contact is a fundamental business activity and the proposed changes could have the potential to interfere with normal commerce, hinder business growth, increase business costs and reduce profitability and innovation,” said AANA CEO, Scott McClellan.

“A more comprehensive cost/benefit assessment for all business and organisations, including small, medium to large businesses, not-for-profits and Industry Associations, is required for this bill.”

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