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ACCC finds Panasonic promotion misled consumers


ACCC finds Panasonic promotion misled consumers


Panasonic Australia has been charged with misleading consumers in its 2008 bonus Nintendo Wii promotion, reported the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

Panasonic made claims in its advertising that consumers who purchased a specific television would receive a bonus Nintendo Wii gaming console by redemption.

In order to receive the Nintendo Wii, consumers were required to submit the serial number of the television within 14 days of purchase. In some cases, this proved to be impossible as there was no guarantee that the television would be delivered within 14 days of purchase, thus not allowing enough time for serial number submission and disqualifying consumers from the promotion.

The Adelaide court said that the conditions of the offer were not sufficiently highlighted to the consumers. In addition to submitting a declaration, Panasonic were ordered to establish and maintain a trade practices compliance program for three years to ensure that Panasonic staff are aware of their obligations under the Trade Practices Act 1974. Panasonic will also have to pay ACCC costs.

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