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ACP announce latest readership figures


ACP announce latest readership figures


Australian magazine publisher ACP Magazines has released yearly results for it’s women’s market stable of titles.

The company’s results indicates that it increased its share of the celebrity weekly market from 46.9% 12 months ago to 51.1%. It also grew its share in the real life category to 44.3% and the youth category to 52.8%.

Its Shop Til You Drop title grew 7.8% over the last 12 months to record its second highest readership, with its TV Week readership up 11,000 readers.

ACP’s newest women’s magazine, Grazia, has reported its inaugural readership figure of 193,000 and its Australia version of OK! is the fastest growing celebrity weekly magazine in the country for the fifth time in a row.

“There is no doubt that our strategies are proving successful,” says Lynette Phillips, ACP Magazines publishing and sales director for Women’s Lifestyle.

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