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ACP beefs up its stable: launches new weekly Grazia, USW to feature in NW


ACP beefs up its stable: launches new weekly Grazia, USW to feature in NW


Despite everything you hear about the meteoric rise of digital, its clear that theres still plenty of life in the magazine industry yet.

ACP Magazines has been busy expanding its list of publications, launching a new weekly womens publication, Grazia. Grazia will be Australias first branded aspiration weekly magazine for readers and advertisers. The formula for the new weekly will centre on the depth of a monthly delivered with the speed of a weekly – neatly summed up as news with shoes. Its core reader will be in the top ABC demographic and aged 25-54. The official launch date of the magazine is as yet unknown, but watch this space

And ACP today announced that US Weekly magazine will become a regular insert inside NW magazine, from Monday 12th May.

Published in the USA every Friday, US Weekly has a strong international reputation for breaking celebrity news, one-on-one exclusive interviews and leading Hollywood-style and entertainment.

The 24-page magazine-within-a-magazine will be inserted in NW every week and will carry the best edit of Us Weeklys content, including fashion, entertainment news and exclusive interviews.

The Us Weekly insert will be published in Australia under license from Wenner Media.

Scott Lorson, CEO, ACP Magazines, said:

We are thrilled to announce a partnership with Wenner Media to publish US Weekly in Australia. Wenner has a well-deserved reputation for innovation and editorial excellence and we are proud to embark on relationship with a publishing house which we hold in high regard.

Pat Ingram, Group Publisher, Womens Lifestyle, ACP Magazines, said: “We are delighted to strengthen our international ties by partnering with Wenner to bring US Weekly to Australia.

This prestigious move adds an exciting extra dimension to NW and we look forward to bringing readers even closer to the stars every week, added Ingram.

Louisa Hatfield, Editorial Director, Womans Day, Take 5, NW and TV Week said: Over the past few years, NW has built a strong working relationship with US Weekly and this collaboration works on a number of levels.

Not only have we strengthened our ties in Hollywood, we have developed the value proposition of the NW brand for readers with more pages and more of the best gossip, style and entertainment news.

So what does everyone think? The Newshound sees magland getting stronger with the onset of digital, but everyones going to have to think carefully about how they take their print publications into the online space 🙂


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