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Adidas TVC aligns sub-brands in its largest ever media spend


Adidas TVC aligns sub-brands in its largest ever media spend


At 3pm today, Adidas unveiled what the brand touts to be its biggest campaign ever created. Headlining the campaign is a two-minute short film jam packed with some of the most recognisable faces in the sport, fashion and music industry.

From Katy Perry rehearsing a dance routine to Lionel Messi showing off his legendary foot work on the pitch, the video brings together the different facets of the Adidas brand – sport, street and style – into one collage of passionate individuals with their most intense game faces on.

 The video features personalities from a wide spectrum of social cultures, fusing DJs and skateboarders with fashion designers and artists, in the hope appealing to a broad consumer group and focusing strongly on audiences aged 14 to 19.

 “The 'all Adidas' campaign is going to be a complete brand experience,” Greg Kerr, managing director of Adidas Australia tells Marketing magazine. “For the first time in the brand’s history, we have decided to put all aspects of the Adidas brand together and show our consumers how the brand can suit all spectrums of life”.

 The campaign hopes to capture Adidas as a singular brand and is based around the theme of "the passion and love for the game". The video will be shortened and edited to suit television and cinema formats while the full version will be shown online. Adidas will also be releasing related campaign materials, such as competitions and product releases throughout the year.

The 'all Adidas' campaign, which is the biggest media spend the brand has made in history; will also actively involve social media interaction through Facebook and YouTube.

TVCs will begin airing tonight across various sports, music and commercial TV channels while over twenty youth-orientated websites and interactive forums will also be included in the campaign media.

“This campaign is aimed to reach a young audience, and because they live, consume and essentially exist online, that’s where we want to reach them,” says Kerr.

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