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ALDI Australia expands into telco market with ALDI Mobile


ALDI Australia expands into telco market with ALDI Mobile


This week, ALDI Australia’s launched its new telecommunication product, ALDI Mobile, which offers a range of pre-paid, post-paid and data plans.

Incorporating the brand’s take on ‘great prices on high quality products’, ALDI has transferred it to the telco market, with the idea to be supported by TV, catalogue, POS and digital.

There are three targeted segments, as seen below, with the gist of the ads having the talent utilise ALDI products as communication devices; speaking into tins of baked beans, a bar of chocolate, a lettuce, to shaving foam, in order to sell the new mobile venture.

In response to ALDI’s novel approach to the ‘expensive, complicated plans and hard to decipher call rates’ of the mobile market, Stephen McArdle, BMF managing partner, explains the following:

“Telcos are known for expensive, blockbuster TV spots, so there is something quite refreshing about the understated nature of this campaign,” he says.

Joint BMF ECDs, Carlos Alija and Laura Sampedro say the ultimate challenge was to devise a launch campaign that was able to “stand out in the category, while creating a solid link with the master brand”.


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