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Amid GFC BBC Worldwide earns over 1 billion pounds


Amid GFC BBC Worldwide earns over 1 billion pounds


For the first time in its history, BBC’s revenue has exceeded $1 billion pounds.

Despite the GFC, BBC has seen revenues rise 9.5%. BBC’s overall return has climbed to £171.8 million from £137.2 million. International revenues are up 51.3% from 48.6%, in line with a strategy to earn two-thirds of revenue outside the UK.

In the past fiscal year, BBC took ownership of UKTV and launched BBC HD as well as Top Gear Australia and Good Food magazines.

Announcing the results John Smith, chief executive of BBC Worldwide, said the figures reflected the continued strength of the business in spite of a severe downturn impacting all facets of the media and entertainment industry.

“In spite of volatile conditions and heavy investment in several parts of the business, we remain encouraged by the growth prospects and performance of our core operations and brands around the world.”

Non-executive chairman of BBC Worldwide, Etienne de Villiers, said the
company was a global showcase for British creative talent and a major
cog in Britain’s creative industries.

BBC Worldwide owns 44 channels, 15 of which were launched in the previous financial year. Its reach has extended to include 300 million viewers. Within Australia, BBC enjoyed the highest rating SBS program in its Top Gear Australia offering.

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